Company Overview

While there are many great companies to choose from, unfortunately the driveway industry contains unethical and dishonest contractors whose main aim is to provide bad quality at a high price.We are the most trusted company in Minnesota for the maintenance of asphalt pavement and seal coating. Super Care Driveway provides excellent service to its customers since we are experienced and dedicated to quality. There are thousands of customers who are fully satisfied with our highest quality of work at a very fair price.Our dedication to your satisfaction means that our entire team works hard to ensure that our standard of excellence is met each time.

If you already have an asphalt driveway, and it has started showing signs of aging, looking patchy, uninviting or blotchy, we are here to provide various services you need for maintenance of your asphalt pavement and sealcoating. Our services include oil treatment, driveway sealing, power cleaning, crack repairing, joint repairing, asphalt repairing, power edging and much more. We have a professional team of experts and use products from the industry’s leaders so we assure you that you will be fully satisfied by our work and will enjoy your driveway for years to come.