power edging

Power edging is done to remove excess grass from concrete driveways, curbs and sidewalks by powerful metal blade machine. If you have excess weeds and turf, Super Care Driveway Services is here to solve your problems with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed with affordable edging service. Once the overhanging grass of curbs, sidewalks and concrete driveways has been cut, our team cleans up all the excess and disposes of it.

This process gives your property a manicured and neat look. Power edging can be anytime throughout growing season. When it is done in proper way, edging of driveway adds depth and beauty to your driveway that speaks of the pride you take in a good-looking landscape for your home. The overhanging grass of driveway should be power edged at least once during the growing season to minimize the overgrowth. It cannot be done as fall starts because during fall it will be covered with heavy snow and our equipment won’t get caught up in any excess grass from your driveways.