Residential Sealcoating

We are here to help you out with the best driveway sealcoating and asphalt service you could ever have. As your house and driveway are unique, each driveway sealing and asphalt price is different. Based on the size and condition of your driveway, we use our unit pricing model to give you the most fair and competitive price possible.



Residential Pavement Services

Super Care Driveway Services provides residential asphalt repair and paving services to homeowners. Our residential pavement services include driveway evaluation and maintenance plans, sealcoating, crack sealing, asphalt repairs, concrete and asphalt apron repair, asphalt paving and much more.
At Super Care Driveway Services we take pride in providing the highest quality asphalt maintenance services to extend the life of your driveway and minimize future maintenance costs. We’re dedicated to providing trustworthy, experienced recommendations and building long-lasting relationships with our clients, while providing superior services at competitive prices. We work hard to make you feel like our top priority!

All Residential driveways will receive the following preferred SCDS sealcoating (Blacktopping) process.




Power edging is done to remove excess grass from your asphalt driveways, curbs and sidewalks by powerful metal blade machine. If you have excess weeds and turf, Super Care Driveway Services is here to solve your problems with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed with affordable edging service. Once the overhanging grass of curbs, sidewalks and asphalt driveways has been cut, our team cleans up all the excess and disposes of it.

This process gives your property a manicured and neat look. Power edging can be anytime throughout growing season. When it is done in proper way, edging of driveway adds depth and beauty to your driveway that speaks of the pride you take in a good-looking landscape for your home. The overhanging grass of driveway should be power edged at least once during the growing season to minimize the overgrowth. It cannot be done as fall starts because during fall it will be covered with heavy snow and our equipment won’t get caught up in any excess grass from your driveways.



1Your driveway and walkway can easily become stained- oil, rust, mildew and dirt can quickly build up, and weathering is a natural, unavoidable process. So to get rid of debris from your driveway we use a high power washer.
Are you looking for the best power cleaning service to clean and wash your driveway? If yes than you have visited the right website. Don’t let your home’s driveway and sidewalks be destroyed by contaminants. Your home driveway is the first feature that every visitors who come to visit you. So to keep you driveway clean call Super Care Driveway for the best driveway cleaning services or if you have any information or queries related to power cleaning driveway, we are always at your service.



Residential Oil Spot TreatmentOil spot or stains on driveway not only looks bad it also effects the pavement cracking and weakening the asphalt. It is more than just a nuisance which even lover the value of your property effecting health of your children’s and pets.
We use latex based oil spot remover which is very powerful liquid cleaner to remove stains like motor oil, gas, grease, diesel fuel, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and antifreeze. Our oil spot remover removes stains very easily, it penetrates deep into asphalt surfaces no matter how old or new the stain is. They are treated same and can be eliminated quickly. Oil spot remover that we use for removing stain is non-caustic, biodegradable, water soluble, environment friendly and safe for plants.


Durable Joint Seal System

The main purpose of joint seal is to create air-tight, waterproof seal between joints of two or more than two surfaces. Different joint sealants are used, depending on the type of seal that is required. Super Care Driveway uses hot break filler to seal any joint if it has opened to a width of 1/4? or more no matter how small or large the seal is. Our seals are very long lasting, durable and cost effective.


Cracked Asphalt Repair

Cracked asphalt is caused because of low maintenance and other factor like moisture, high temperature, ground movement, older asphalt driveways, excessive weight and other. One main factor is water, when it enters the nearest crack in the sub base, it starts to wash away and makes it weak and soft and crack more. This types of problem can be easily solved by us. All our repairs are done very neatly and in square shapes not in offset way.

We use Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Sealant to seal any splits in the garage which are bigger than 1/2?. Super Care Driveway uses the highest quality direct fire hot pour elastic sealant available today protecting it from freeze/thaw damage and water penetration. Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to customers using our services.



3Your driveway is your treasured investment and it includes in your properties value. Sealcoating should be done in order to double the life of your pavement and reduce the likelihood of larger repair issues .It is very important steps for the preventative maintenance plan.
As a complete driveway service company, our professional teams works really hard to give you the highest quality sealant products installed on a perfectly prepared surface, to seal your paved investment for the longest time possible.
It’s been years that Super care driveway services has been maintaining driveway and seal coating in Minneapolis areas. For seal coating driveways we use a hand brush for smooth and better coverage. We only spray at large driveways and business parking. Our Customers keep coming back to us because of our high-quality work and very reasonable pricing. This low-cost and simple procedure can save you a significant amount of money in the long run by eliminating the need for more extensive and costly types of services. We look forward to see you when u call us for your free estimate.



During the work of driveway, there are many activities like people walking, vehicles running and other factors which can badly effect your driveway, so to prevent from all this problems, we block your driveway with custom Super Care Driveway yellow Banner Tape with our number to prevent individuals from driving/walking on the driveway for 48 hours until its completion.